Center for Research, Development, and Innovation

at the School of Architecture, Design, and Arts​

National University of Asuncion


The CIDi FADA UNA is part of the Research Department at FADA-UNA and its goal is to connect the academic and scientific production of the Architecture, Design, and Arts School with the needs of public and private sectors in Paraguay, offering creative, and innovative solutions.

As the Interim Director of the Research Department between 2011 and 2013, we drafted the project and applied to funds to start forming the center. In 2013 we received $100,000 from the National Science Commission of Paraguay (CONACYT) to develop the project and establish the center at the school. During three years we organized seminars, workshops, and participated in project management courses to be trained to launch and run the center.

So far, the CIDi has managed several research projects with the participation of faculty and students from the FADA-UNA. These projects added around $350,000 invested in research, training, and equipment for the center. As part of what we do at the CIDi, in 2016 for example, we awarded two fellowships to undergrad students to be trained in digital fabrication technologies in Lima, Peru. Gabriela Mojoli and Fabio Ibarra traveled to Lima for five months where they attended at the FAB ACADEMY 2016.

Moreover, in 2018, the CIDi obtained funds from CONACYT of around $250,000 to be invested in the equipment of a digital fabrication laboratory. The goal of this FAB LAB is to transform the CIDi in a regional node for the development of the FAB ACADEMY in Paraguay. With these funds, in the same year, the CIDi awarded other three fellowships to attend at FAB ACADEMY 2019. The awardees were Eduardo Segovia (staff of the CIDi), Silvia Lugo, and Abdon Troche (both students).

Other students who were part of the CIDi and received scholarships from other institutions are, for instance, Maria Berta Peroni who received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2017 to pursue a Master in Urban Design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and Megumi Yamanaka who received a BECAL-LASPAU scholarship in 2017 to pursue a PhD Program in Urban Planning at University of California Berkeley.

Having participated in the creation and development of the CIDi FADA UNA was one of the best academic experiences I have had. The positive results obtained so far demonstrated the importance of striving for creating spaces that boost creativity, education, and innovation. It is my commitment to continue supporting the CIDi FADA UNA and other similar ventures. 

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