Living, studying, and working abroad.

During 2005 and 2010 I was very lucky to have the experiences of living, studying and working abroad. After I finished college in August 2005 I traveled to Spain, France, and Romania. I stayed in Romania for two years working in an architectural office in the design of different type of projects. In 2007, I moved to Barcelona to work for a construction company and to make a master in architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture, where I graduated in 2009. A year later, I returned to Paraguay with the backpack full of experiences and a long list of interesting people from all over the world.


Among many other things, that experience revealed to me how little the world knows about my country. So, to contribute make my country better known, I focused my master thesis on the study of Paraguayan architecture. I understood the importance and the opportunity of being a link between the people and institutions I knew and other students in Paraguay. Whit this in mind,  after I returned to Paraguay in 2010, I participated actively on diverse projects, seminars, conferences, and workshops between the architecture school in Paraguay and people I meet during my studies in Barcelona. I am convinced this is a way to expand people's perspective of the world and at the same time grow personally and professionally.


Between 2011 and 2014 I represented Paraguay -as a faculty of the Architecture, Design, and Arts School- in the ADU_2020 project. This Project was supported by the ALFA III Programa of the European Union and the goal of the project was to study the programs in the schools of architecture, design, and urbanism participating of the program, and propose innovative changes to face the challenges of the 21 st century.


The network was composed of 18 Higher Educations Institutions (12 from Latin American countries and 6 from Europe). During the three years of the project, we organized and developed exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and pilot projects. Most of the activities were addressed to engage students and faculties from the associate institutions to establish partnerships and collaborations in research projects.


My global experience was until now addressed to contribute to the improvement of the higher education in architecture in Paraguay, with a focus on design and research. My current goal, as a Ph. D. student at Penn State and is to contribute to developing creative solutions to social needs through technology. This is why I decided to focus my research in the area of reuse of waste materials, convinced of the potential positive impact of design and technology in human welfare.

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