Architecture and Design Practice

I can say that I started thinking about architectural design at a very young age. My first steps as a designer were under the direction of my mother, first copying figures from books and newspapers and then after I got some skills, I designed her “dream house”. I believe this led me to decide very early what I wanted to do.


In Paraguay, is almost a need to combine work and studies, so I started working in architecture offices when I was in the second year of my undergraduate. First as a draftsman and then gradually taking more responsibility, before finishing college I opened an office in partnership with other colleges.


Since I started college, I can say I have engaged in every project enthusiastically, self-motivated, ready to adapt to changing environments for I deeply care for whatever I have to do in the field of architecture: designing, teaching, building or researching.  I am used to working independently, establishing my own goals, and pursue them with energy and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I am also ready to work in teams, for which my international experience as a student and a professional has helped me a lot.


The present list of works intends to show the most representative projects I designed independently or in partnership with other colleagues.


I hope you like!

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