Design and its ability to make positive changes for humanity.

I am convinced that as an architect, I have a commitment to contribute to creating equitable and more sustainable spaces because I truly believe in the potential of design to produce positive changes for humanity, positives changes from small object to territories. And I also believe that universities play an important role in this matter and this is why I decided to dedicated my efforts to improve higher education, opening doors and helping to build bridges between people and institutions.


My current research project intends to tackle the problem of the growing amount of solid waste and its negative impact on the natural environment, and therefore over communities. Using creative design thinking, and designing simple solutions based on affordable technologies accessible to low and middle-income communities, the idea is to transform refused products into new and valued construction materials for self-build and affordable housing alternatives.


What is more, I believe the most important contribution of the project will be the transferability of the methods rather than the physical outcomes. In other words, making the solutions accessible especially to communities living in emergency situations will not only offer them a solution to their problem of building a house but also could support them with a technology that could help them to create jobs.


This is the reason why I am applying to this prestigious program, which -in case I was selected- would help me to continue promoting the synergy of change generated by design.


Julio Diarte





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